Stapleton Community Information

Economy/Job Market

City planners conducted extensive research to ensure that the development of Stapleton would ultimately create neighborhoods specifically designed to address the needs of today?s families and homeowners. All amenities are centrally located, schools are easily accessible, roadways are wide and public transportation is readily available. Employment opportunities also continue to increase with the continuous construction of business and medical complexes in and near the area. This expansion has afforded the local economy steady growth throughout the past decade and promises an attractive future for those residing in Stapleton.

Attractions/Points of Interest

For residents seeking big city excitement, a short drive or public access commute will put residents in the heart of downtown Denver within 20 minutes. Once inside the ?Mile High City,? residents will find a vast array of recreational opportunities awaiting them. From fine dining and world class entertainment to major sporting events and lively nightclubs, Denver is a regional hotspot for residents from all surrounding areas. The city has professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams all playing in new stadiums and arenas in the greater downtown area. Additionally, these stadiums are strategically located in newly designed or renovated districts filled with an eclectic mix of nightlife, restaurants, and shopping that serves to make day trips into the city for sporting events thrilling on many levels. Denver also has several theatres, museums, performance centers and concert halls for those seeking more culturally inspired activities.

The vast open spaces that surround Stapleton and larger cities such as Denver are apparent in every direction. Outdoor adventures are endless as nature?s beauty stretches for miles and miles into tall forests, deep ravines, flowing waterbeds and lush valleys. Overall, Stapleton is situated in one of the most beautiful regions in the Western United States. With the mighty Rocky Mountains and a thriving metropolis nearby, Stapleton and its many fine villages filled with clean, safe streets and affordable housing is a great place to live.


Parks and open space define many of Denver?s great suburban communities. Washington Park, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, City Park and many others are grand public spaces that are part of Denver?s legacy. When Stapleton was designed, city planners made it a point to build upon this tradition by devoting nearly 30% of its 4,700 acres to parks and open space, increasing the size of the Denver Park system by more than 25%. The centerpiece of Stapleton?s 1,116-acre regional park system is the 80-acre Central Park. Bikeways and paths fill Stapleton?s Sand Creek and Westerly Greek greenways while on the area?s northern border, the community?s extensive bike and trail system links into the 17,000-acre Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Additionally, the 123-acre Bluff Lake Nature Center and the 23-acre Urban Farm are ideal places for residents to picnic, play soccer or football, and enjoy nature in its truest form.

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